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Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008
10:03 pm
Hello all.

These past 2 weeks have been a time of adjustment for me. Getting used to the call center job again, and enduring the 45 minute commute to and fro 5 days a week. :p

In the meantime, I went looking for a new place to stay closer to my workplace. I found a nice cheap place within reasonable walking distance from my place of work, and within walking distance to a shopping mall that has a supermarket, clothing stores, pharmacy, food court... whatever I'd want and need. I already gave the security deposit to the landlord yesterday, and now have to work on getting everything set up for when I move in on the 1st of November. The phone and internet connection is already lined up and ready to go. I only have to work on getting the electricity account set up, and the moving truck(dad was supposed to look after that). He was supposed to call them today. I'll have to remember to ask him about that.

With these new excuses to walk, I'm seriously thinking of returning my car to the dealership. I mean: Why keep paying for something I'm not gonna use all that often? I've been thinking about going green, and in the odd times I'd have to go clear across town, or something, I can always take the bus. :) And for out of town ventures? Well, I guess the relatives would be able to give me a lift. :) But right now, I need a car. But once I'm settled in to the new place, the car may just have to go.

More later!
Tuesday, October 7th, 2008
2:21 pm
Back in action...
Hello all.

I know it's been awhile since I've been on here, but things have been kind of topsy turvy around here.

Here's the nitty gritty of it:

The accountant job at the fish plant ended up not going too well. Management decided that I was not up to their standards, and they let me go. :(

To make matters worse, I had just moved my stuff into an appartment close to that workplace where it's been HELL trying to get the electricity hooked up. Now, after all this trouble, I may have to call the utilities company up again to put the service on suspension, as I obviously cannot live there. I'll also have to talk to the landlord to see if I can get out of paying the October rent, getting my damage deposit back, and moving all of my stuff back into my parents' garage. *heavy sigh* Is there no end to my troubles!?

Today, my first day of unemployment since May, I went into Moncton and applied at a call center I've been hearing a lot of good things about, and know people who have worked there at one point or another. According to the Secretary, they are looking to hire and train new people as early as late October; and the Human Resources Coordinator is supposed to be calling people up on Thursday for phone interviews. I hope they call me! *crosses fingers*

If I don't get into there, there's always the other call center I worked at before taking on this accounting job. Speaking of accounting, I've decided not to go for another similar job. This is not the first time I've had this happen to me. All this is telling me that maybe accounting is really not my calling, and it wasn't a job I really enjoyed doing ANYWAY. So I think I'll stick to call center jobs for the next little while until my true calling comes along at some point.

Finally, I just got off the phone with the landlord. I explained to him my situation. While he seemed a little bit dissapointed, he gave me until the end of this week to move my stuff out, and he's going to keep my damage deposit, despite me saying I could not move there. That place has been vacant since September, and he has lost 2 months' rent on the place. I said that keeping the damage deposit was fine, but to allow me until the end of this week to move my stuff out.

KAJM: Because of this setback, the ACDC concert in Toronto may not be possible. Nor could moving back out to Welland. The family out here seems to need me more close by then you and Jenn would need me to hang out with you. :/

And that's the disaster situation so far. More later... Hopefully soon. :/

Peace and long life!
Live long and prosper!
Saturday, August 30th, 2008
12:10 pm
Moving plans...
Other than work, I have focused on finding a new place to live closer to my new job. I called a few places, and immediately found a place to my liking about a 10 minute drive from the fish plant. I left the security deposit with the owner, and advised him I'd be moving in on October 1st, although the place'd be ready by September 1st, as the current tenant was moving out by the end of the month.

Now I have to arrange to move my stuff that's in the appartment in Moncton to this new place I found, which means calling up a moving company.
Monday, August 25th, 2008
7:01 pm
A transition...
I said goodbye to the call center on Saturday, and started my new job for real at the fish plant today.

Right now, though, I don't feel like I'm helping much. The guy who's training me was running around all over the place today, mostly because a huge shipment was being sent out today. I could only observe as he did all of his paperwork related to this shipment, and all of the problems with the variance in weight from last week were still unresolved. I do hope I'll be able to learn everything there is to learn with this, and be of more help to this business.

I don't know how long I'll be staying there, though.
Thursday, August 21st, 2008
3:24 pm
New job traning...
So far, these past 2 weeks has been a new experience for me. Slowly but surely, I've been trying to learn their inventorying and costing system here. They have several different spreadsheets they use for entering all of daily production, shipping and cost profit analysis for all of the seafood they process in a day. I'm still not quite used to it. I'm thinking I'll need to practice on their spreadsheets for one solid week before I get fully used to it. {:8p The temp guy who's filling in here now has been showing me how it's done, but I'm still uncertain about a few things. Hopefully, by the end of next week, I'll be able to do it on my own when needed.

Being used to the accounting software, they didn't need to show me much of that. It's their whole spreadsheet system I need to get used to. I greatly appreciate their patience with me.{:8p

In the meantime, I'm counting down the days for when I'm done with the call center. Had a bad day on Monday. Lots of complex billing issues I had to try and resolve! I spent 1 hour and 15 minutes on the phone with one customer trying to resolve her problem; which is a lot, when you consider that the average length for a call at that place is 10 minutes! {:8p

OH! And my parents' cat, whom they thought was dead, has reappeared! I'm guessing that it must've gotten trapped somewhere, and freed itself 5 days later. {:8p

That's pretty much all there is to say right now.
Friday, August 15th, 2008
9:36 pm
My first 2 days of traning...
Yesterday and Wednesday were my first 2 days of training at the fish plant for the new accounting job.

It was here that I met the temp accountant who showed me some of the more important stuff that he does, and what's required of me once I start getting into it full time.

I found out on Thursday how much importance the owner places on the daily costing(figuring out how much profit is done on shellfish production) and so called shrinkage(the variation between the supplier's weigh-in and the plant's weigh-in of live shellfish) when there was a more than 3% variation(the industry norm) between the weight on the supplier's invoice, and what the plant weighed of the same shellfish. We spent almost an entire DAY trying to pin down the problem! And when I left, they still haven't figured out what the cause was.

The first day was basically just observing what the accountant did, and taking notes for myself. The second day was more hands on, which consisted of putting in the info myself, and letting the accountant tell me if it was going in the right place or not. Because of the "shrinkage" problem, we didn't even get into the bookkeeping side of things. But I already know most of it, so I don't need the accountant to show me "that" too much. {:8)

The Owner finally was able to set aside 5 minutes for me to bring me into his office and lay down the "ground rules" for me. I also got to meet some of the staff I'll be dealing with most of the time in this "office". I think this could be a nice place to work, if I can just learn to do the shrinkage and costing on my own. {:8/

Other than that, I can't wait to get out of this call center job. I gave my notice on Tuesday, after it was confirmed that the fish plant wanted to hire me. Today was just HORRENDOUS! I had complicated billing issues to deal with, and I had one guy use more swear words on the phone with me than the entire cast of The Trailer Park Boys combined!! I was planning to go see The Mummy 3 tomorrow night after work, and I think I'll hit my favourite watering hole before the movie. After the week I've had, I think I deserve it! {:8p But I'm counting down the days until I get out of this hell hole. {:8/
Monday, August 11th, 2008
9:11 pm
New job lined up...
Big news today!

That fish plant that's looking for an assistant accountant contacted me just today saying they are interested in hiring me! {:8D

Their starting wage is appealing enough, and they maintain they need the help. They asked me when I could start. I told them that I have to give 2 weeks' notice at my current employer before I can start working full time for them, but that I was willing to compromise. I am actually off Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays; so that I could work those days for those 2 weeks, if they needed me to. They said that was fine.

So now, I have to submit my notice tomorrow, and arrange to be there for Wednesday and Thursday mornings. I'll have to bug the folks for a place to crash for at least the one night on Wednesday. Not going to be easy, as dad has some relatives staying there for the week. {:8p But they're pretty resourceful people. I'm sure they'll find some way of accomodating me. {:8)

OH! And I'll have to arrange to move again, as the job is nearer to the homestead than where I'm staying now. {:8/

I'm also working on getting new car insurance. Not so easy, when you're a busybody like me. {:8p
Thursday, August 7th, 2008
10:12 am
Job testing and golf game...
I went to the knowledge test on Tuesday. Thought the test was fairly easy. They gave us candidates 3 hours to do the test, but I finished in an hour and a half.

The job itself is with a community college in the northern part of the province, and it involves handling mostly the accounts receivable. I hope it doesn't involve too much calling people up, bugging them for bill payments. That's the one aspect of accounts receivable I don't like to do. :/

I got a little lost on the way. Thankfully, I left early enough for me to still get there on time. :p

The next step is supposed to be an interview session for those who have passed the test, which should take place sometime next week. But this involves a lot of travel time, nearly 3 and a half hours' worth one way! And at the price of gas nowadays, it could be the most expensive job venture I've ever undertaken! :p If I get selected for this job, it'll involve me relocating there. Went through the town on my way to the college. Seems really nice.

Speaking of gas, I hear it's supposed to go down somewhat today. That'll surely provide some relief for a few people's wallets. :p

And yesterday being an off day for me, I organized a golf game with dad, who had gotten a 10 round pass to the local golf course for his birthday. The weather had been rainy and cool for most of the week, but at least the rain subsided yesterday afternoon, which gave us the chance to get out and enjoy the thing we like most.

I shot a 91 with a total of 5 pars. Dad played not bad, either. I think he made 3 or 4 pars, but he doesn't keep track of his scores like I do. :/

One of our national lotteries, Lotto 6/49, had a $43 million jackpot yesterday, which is apparently the largest in it's history! I think almost everybody bought a ticket for this, including myself. :) I haven't checked my ticket yet, but if I won anything, I will surely let you all know. :)

One of my aunts on my father's side I haven't seen in ages and her family is coming down for a visit next week. The folks are taking them on a local lobster tour, and I've been invited to come along. The tour starts at 4PM next Wednesday. I guess I'll make it a point to attend, unless something else comes up.

And that's the news for now.
Sunday, August 3rd, 2008
10:28 am
The interview and The Eagles have landed...
The interview for the Assistant Accountant job at the fish plant went fairly well. It lasted about 45 minutes, and the owner and his business partner/spouse asked me a series of general work related questions. I felt I answered them all well. They said I would know by this Friday whether I am hired or not. They said they needed somebody right away, so I told them I could compromise. Right now, I do not work Wednesdays and Thursdays; therefore, I can work those 2 days while I give my current employer 2 weeks' notice; and at the end of that, start full time at this fish plant. Of course, they're busier during the summer fishing seasons, so a little bit of overtime may be required. I told them I was ready for that. I think this would be a nice place to work, so let's hope. *crosses fingers*

I had also applied for a similar job with the provincial gov't, and they called me last week to invite me to a testing session this Tuesday. The job itself is in the northern part of the province, and is a 3 1/2 hours' drive away. {:8p Looks like I'll have to call in sick at the call center, as I'm scheduled to work that day, and the testing is only held for that one day. {:8/

And last night was the long anticipated Eagles concert at Magnetic Hill(a popular tourist site in the area). The first opening band, though, was playing at 3:00 PM; but because I was scheduled to work(and I need the money!), I was only able to get there at around 7:00 PM. I missed seeing Sam Roberts and his band- one group I would've liked to have seen- and by the time I got there, John Fogerty and his band had just hit the stage. They put on a nice show.

Then there was a half hour intermission. Enough time for me to run and get a bottle of water before the Eagles hit the stage. THEY put on a great show! They played most of their hits. Don Henley even played 2 of his hit singles, Boys Of Summer and Dirty Laundry. Joe Walsh played his hit single Life's Been Good To Me So Far. There were 2 songs they didn't play, but that I would've loved to hear, were Get Over It and Seven Bridge Road. But other than that, it was a great show! {:8)

I knew the worst part of it all was getting on a bus for the ride home. With close to 70 000 people all lining up for the same thing, the line up was a LITTLE bit long! {:8p I remembered the nightmare of getting on the bus for the ride home after The Rolling Stones concert from a couple of years ago. At least, this time, things were better organized, and they had a steady flow of buses to pick up the people and bring them back downtown. I think I had an hours' wait before getting on a bus to bring me back to where I parked my car. I wasn't sure if I was allowed to leave it there for the night, or if it would still be there by the time I got back. {:8p But it was still right where I had left it, and no ticket on the windshield, much to my relief! {:8)

And that's the news so far! {:8)
Wednesday, July 30th, 2008
1:23 pm
What's been going on lately?

Nothing out of the ordinary.

Been getting my fair share of good calls and bad calls at work. People who have inquiries/complaints about their billing, people who have questions- or who want to sign up- about/for internet service. It's a job! What else can I say!? {:8p

Have a couple of interesting accounting job prospects coming up. We'll see how those pan out.

I went and seen a couple of good movies at the local theater these past couple of weeks. Saw Journey To The Center Of The Earth in 3D. Believe it or not, this was the first time I've ever seen a 3D movie in my life! It was quite interesting. Had to flinch a couple of times, as the characters were right at my face. {;8p

The other movie was The X-Files, which I saw last night. Plotline left a lot to be desired. Not a real classic x-file scenario. {:8/ And Mulder actually looked younger in his beard than when he shaved it off mid way through the movie. {:8)
Thursday, July 24th, 2008
11:59 am
Just a short one for now...

In the end, I wasn't selected for the job at the car dealership. They ended up choosing someone who had more experience than me for this sort of thing. *sighs*

Nothing more to do but move on. :/

Got a new prospect at a fish plant, though. Got the call yesterday for an interview. I just need to coordinate this around my current work schedule, if I can.

Other news: My parents just lost their cat. Believed to have been run down by a car.

Wednesday, July 16th, 2008
6:58 pm
New job prospect...
Last weekend, mom showed me an ad in one of the local papers that said a car dealership was looking for an Accounting Clerk. Having all of the qualifications, I applied for it.

The Manager contacted me yesterday saying he wanted to meet with me in an interview, along with the Owner of the dealership. We set a time for this afternoon at 1PM at the dealership itself.

The interview, though, was not just with him and the Owner, but with the head of the accounting dept. herself! The Owner asked most of the questions, with the Manager and the accounting lady letting one slip in occasionally. The whole thing lasted 1 hour, and I felt like I was in a "good cop, bad cop" scenario, with the Owner as the most forceful one who rarely smiled, while the Manager was more pleasant. Bottom line: It was tough! They said they'd let me know by next Tuesday if I'll be hired, or if they want me brought in for a second interview. I'm hoping for the former! I really do!! My impression, though, is that I'll rarely see the Owner, and that I'd be dealing mostly with the Manager and the head Accountant; as I understand it, the Owner has other businesses that he's responsible for, so he'd most likely be looking after those, and not waste time with me. :p

Mom had also seen an ad by the local university sponsoring a special work/study program who want to recycle themselves in another field. Having already spoken about wanting to go into translation, she felt this'd be an excellent opportunity for me to go into this without having to stop working alltogether... That is, of course, if me getting back into the accounting thing doesn't work out. :/

I also had an appointment with the family doctor today who renewed my prescription for the blood pressure and cholesterol meds. She also ordered some blood tests to determine if I still need to take the cholesterol meds, or if I can be taken off of them. When I asked about the blood pressure meds, she said I'd most likely have to stay on them for life. Great! Just great!! :p

Finally, I've started seeing a new chiropractor for continuing treatment of my back problem. Funny thing is: He specializes in a new kind of treatment that involved flexion of the lower spine thanks to a special bench he's got. So far, it doesn't seem to be helping, as I'm still feeling the same pain and discomfort as before. He can refer me to a colleague of his who does the same kind of treatment as the chiropractor I had in Ontario. It was only HIS treatments that made me feel better; so I at least have the option to go back to that, if this new treatment doesn't help.
Sunday, July 6th, 2008
10:12 am
After a prolonged absence...
I know it has been awhile since I posted anything on here, but I was preoccupied with a lot of things.

I've just moved into my own place again. I found this rather cheap 1 bedroom appartment that was about a 5 minute drive from where I work at now. They were still doing some repair work when I started moving in last week. I think they're pretty much done now. The only thing left to do is to put numbers on the doors. A couple of times last week, I accidentally walked in to someone else's appartment. Good thing no one was home at the time! :P

I'm starting to feel I'm going nowhere in accounting, and am actually thinking of going back to school in the fall. I'm still undecided whether I'm going to try for being a truck driver or a translator.

I've already spoken about the truck driving option on here. For sure, it's the cheaper way to go, and there seems to be an ever increasing demand for them everywhere. But would anyone want to hire me at my age? *shrugs*

Translator would be more expensive, and would take longer, as it requires me going back to University, or a trade school, on a part time, or semi full time basis. I've already spoken to the University where I did my 1st Bachelor's degree, and they spoke about an accelerated study program that would have me complete my studies in 2 years. Perhaps less, if I can get credits from previous course I took. But other than maths, languages was one of my better subjects in school. Job prospects, though, are not as huge as truck driver. The only place I can think of that would need translators would be with the Canadian and Provincial gov'ts.

Also, they mostly long haul truck drivers around here, and it's a hard life to lead. You're on the road almost contantly, far away from home, most often. *sighs* I need to do something, because I feel I'm going nowhere in accounting.
Friday, June 13th, 2008
8:51 am
An old aquaintance...
While I was at the DMV the other day looking to obtain New-Brunswick plates for my car, somebody called out my name while I was at a public phone calling the leasing company trying to get them to fax a letter authorizing the changeover. When I turned to look, I was surprised to see that it was the wife/secretary of my former employer, the used car dealer.

She looked rather well, for a lady her age! When I asked her about the business, she said that it was doing okay. Not making money hand over fist, but ok. Since I left there, everything was in a shambles. Somebody had fraudulently stole money from them, and they've been fighting to get it back. They've also got a public accounting firm trying to put some order in their books. I still have some outstanding investments with them, but I gave up hope on ever recovering that from them. But now, that hope has been rekindled.

This left me wondering if things had turned out differently, had I not left. If I'd've stayed there, would I still be working at that place, reaping the rewards of a potentially good job? What if family had not pushed me to leave for Ontario? Would things have turned out differently for me?

I feel as though I'm paying the price for that fateful decision 2 years ago. The call center job I have now has it's ups and downs, and I miss Welland and my friends out there sometimes. I told myself I'd give this area a chance for a while, and if things didn't work out for me, I'd leave again for Ontario. So far, it's looking more like returning to Ontario may be in my near future. But that would mean going out there with the bear minimum, and starting over as if I'd just left college. No way i could bring all of my big stuff out there again! That would all have to be sold and bought again little by little once I get out there. Mom told me to give it 1 year minimum; and if it didn't work, the family would allow me to leave with their blessings. I don't know if it'll be a year. It may be sooner!
Friday, May 30th, 2008
6:47 pm
After a prolonged absence...

I know it's been awhile since I've posted anything on here. For any of you that missed me, I apologize.

I've been slowly getting used to life here in the maritimes again. There are things where I find myself missing my former life in Welland, and even regretting coming back here, after establishing a new life in the lovely Niagara region of Ontario.

I've been going through my training at the call center while keeping my eye out for any accounting jobs that'd might be out there. I've been going to interviews for those jobs while trying to get through my training. Matter of fact, I've got 2 interviews lined up for next week! One is on Monday morning, which means I'll have to ask for time away from the training class.

I don't know if I'll ever be able to return to Welland. There are days where I wished that I could leave right now and go back there. I had a lot of nice friends out there, and I enjoyed a freedom like I've never had before. But I made commitments for up to mid-August out here, at least. I don't know. Maybe, someday, I will go back. But I will need to depend on Kajm and Thunderwing for temporary housing until I can find either a furnished room or bachelor, and buy back all the furniture I would have the family sell in a garage sale and wire me the funds, or something. Will that day ever come? *shrugs*
Saturday, May 10th, 2008
2:42 pm
I went to my interview for the grocery store chain today, and walked away from there dissapointed that they wouldn't even consider me for a job.

Everything went fine until I was asked the question about allergies that I had. I had to tell them about my peanut allergy, and it was at this point that they basically said that they can't hire me until I get 3 things: 1. A Medic Alert bracelet specifying that I have the allergy 2. A note from a doctor saying I had undergone an allergy test and that shows the results 3. A prescription to an epi pen.

The starting wage there was less than the call center job, but there were numerous opportunities for advancement and perfection; so if one were ambitious enough, they could climb the ranks very quickly.

But this whole situation with my allergy is just them covering their @$$es, and avoiding a potential lawsuit, should I ever get sick from accidental contact with anything that has peanuts in it.

Maybe this is all divine providence. Maybe I'd be better off starting at that call center job until I can get that accounting/office job that's more suited to my qualifications.
Friday, May 9th, 2008
1:45 pm
My interview today...
The interview I had today was short and sweet. Barely 15 minutes!

It was the owner himself who was conducting the interviews. The company itself specializes in cold storage, and is apparently one of 2 businesses in the area who specializes in such a thing. I learned a little bit more about the company today, and what kind of person they were looking for. It sounds a lot like a front desk job; and because of the nature of the business, they would most likely not hire a woman, as they may ask to help move boxes or crates around; a man is more apt at this type of task than a woman. It's a relatively new business, so I was not able to gather any info on it. Most of what I learned was at the interview today.

Right now, there are 6 people working in the warehouse, and their accounting system is already set up where you just have to enter the data. But that's not the main part of the job. The main function is front desk customer service, answering the phone and handling customer inquiries. These are all things that I've done before.

The big question mark is the salary. The owner is still trying to establish that. It sounds to me like once he makes his hiring decision, he will determine the level of salary based on the experience of the chosen candidate. He is supposed to let me know by Friday of next week on the decision. I asked if I could contact him. He said that was fine, and gave me his office number. I learned that that's a great way to show that you're interested in the job. I plan on trying to call him on the following Monday if I don't hear from him(perhaps during one of my breaks from my training at the call center job using mom's cell phone). At least, he was nice enough to let me know how many candidates there were(10) for the job. That low number increases my chances greatly. But will the job be worth while? :/

Now I have my interview with the grocery store chain tomorrow to look forward to. That job would certainly be nice to have. Mom also told me this morning that she heard on the news last night that a new casino was in the planning stages. It may be nice working there! I just need to know what kind of people they're looking for. Mom may look into this for me, or I may simply call my uncle who works for the gov't, who may have that info.

But, during the past couple of weeks, I've been questioning my decision to come back to the Maritimes. I feel like I've been had by the family when they said that I could have a nice paying gov't job easily, thanks to one of my uncles, who can pull some strings. Well, things didn't turn out that way!

I started a new life over there with Kajm and Thunderwing, who were there to help me, whenever they could. I wasn't able to get the job that I wanted, but I was at least able to get "a" job that paid enough to allow me to live, and I was happy. It was a bit of an adjustment at first, but I never looked back on what I left behind. While the family out here kept calling and emailing me saying that they missed me, I certainly didn't miss them all that much!

Now, the only way I can go back out there would be to pack whatever small stuff I can bring in my car(like my clothes, DVDs... and computer), give the folks permission to hold a garage sale, have them wire me whatever proceeds are made from the sale of all the big stuff I can't bring, and try to find a furnished room somewhere that doesn't charge a whole lot to rent out. Start working again(I'm sure that call center I worked at would take me back in a heartbeat!), move to a bigger place once I can afford it, and buy back all the stuff I had to leave behind(I hear Ikea is pretty cheap in terms of furniture. I think there's one in Saint Catharines.) I may need to stay at Kajm and Thunder's place for a couple of weeks until I can find that furnished room. I certainly can't afford a move like I did 2 years ago!

I guess I'm still questioning where I belong in this world. While most of the family I was born into is in the Maritimes, I still feel like I'm the black sheep.

Wednesday, May 7th, 2008
12:34 pm
A couple of interviews lined up...
I'm starting to see results of the applications I sent out. I've got a couple of interviews set up for jobs that are more suited to my qualifications. One is on Friday; and the other one is, oddly enough, on Saturday. I've had a Saturday interview with one other job, and that was for the accounting job at the used car dealership I had before the call center job in St. Catharines.

I don't feel I belong at that upcoming call center job, so I hope this will be something temporary until I can get an office/accounting job again.
Saturday, May 3rd, 2008
9:19 am
A job lined up...
I've just been hired by a call center this week. Their training class actually starts on May 19th, which I find unusual, as May 19th is Victoria Day here in Canada. Don't know if it's a statutory holiday in the US, though. Maybe it's under a different name.

I figured this could be something temporary until I can get something more suited to my qualifications. The commute to work, though, would be 45 minutes to and fro. I don't know about getting my own place closer to that job right now, as I don't intend to stay there very long.
Thursday, April 24th, 2008
12:52 pm
During the past few days, I've sent out a whole bunch of new applications to many different businesses. So far, no calls. Hope some will come in soon.

Also, I've been slowly increasing my "favourites" section on YouTube. Most of the clips on there are of things I thought were funny or amusing, some songs I like that I don't have on music CD, stuff that brings back childhood memories, or things that interest me. If anybody wants to go take a look, my username is "karkovice10".
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